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Swingers Florida is the bible for all things swinging couples in Florida will ever need. Depending on whom you believe and what you read, Florida is a swingers paradise. It is estimated that around 20% of the swingers in the US are in Florida.

Most swingers in Florida are lifestye swingers, not just curious. Swingers in Florida are different to swingers in California or swingers in New York. Besides private clubs, much of the swinging takes place behind hidden doors in hotels and private homes.

Couples come to Florida to get laid. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the humidity.

Whatever it is, the term “sex tourism" doesn’t have the same nasty connotations as blowing all your graduation money in a dank corner of Eastern Europe. In Miami, “sex tourism" means coming here to do sex stuff you can’t back home. Or, even if there is a seedy little swingers club in your hometown, doing sex stuff with people you’re almost guaranteed to never see again. So whether it’s swinging, experimenting, or getting a ball gag stuffed in your mouth while being called a dirty little boy, there’s someone in South Florida ready to welcome you.

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